RealTours: A Day in Ditmas Park

Ditmas Park is an adorable neighborhood with gorgeous Victorian houses, although some may call them mansions, and two strips of bars, shops and restaurants.  Courtelyou Road used to be the main drag for trendy bars and dining but lately some new and delicious spots have popped up on Church Avenue.  Years ago an RC agent, Susan Grossman, covered this area in a blog and this time we’d like to focus on the newer spaces that have since opened or may have been overlooked.

Morning: First we’d stop by Lark Cafe, a sweet little coffee shop on Church Avenue, and grab a mocha and a homemade pop tart. There aren’t a lot of coffee shop options in this hood so this place was a welcome addition when it opened a while back.  They also host a array of morning sing-a-longs throughout the week. Anyone with young ones who may be interested can check out their calendar here.

Lunch/Brunch: We’ve decided to take your general brunch experience (mimosas, french toast, eggs Florentine and long lines) and turn it on it’s head.  We’ve picked Suzy’s Roti Parlour for some absolutely scrumptious Caribbean food.

Afternoon: This area, being quiet and mostly residential, doesn’t have a lot to offer in the activities department.  That’s part of it’s charm! It lacks the crowds and fast pace of some other neighborhoods. We are slowing it it down and have decided that our afternoon activity will be to stroll around and check out the scenery.  Whether it’s window shopping at some shops on Courtelyou Road, gaping in awe at the architecture of the homes, or heading up to Prospect Park to walk around, there is a lot to see.

Dinner: We’ve choosen one of our favorite pizza places in all of Brooklyn to settle in for an individual pie and pint of craft beer. Wheated has a unique selection of pies all named after Brooklyn neighborhoods.  Try the Borough Park with fresh & aged mozzarella, gorgonzola, pineapple, baby arugula, Pecorino-Romano, and olive oil.

Evening: One of the newer spots to grab a drink also happens to be our top pick.  Hinterlands, who just celebrated their one year anniversary in June, has a friendly and lively atmosphere, good music, and a backyard in the warmer months.

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