RealTours: A Day in Bergen Beach with Frank Manzione.

Frank Manzione has been in the Real estate business for decades and knows the borough of Brooklyn inside and out. He opened his office on Columbia Street (now Realty Collective) in 1984.  Frank resides in Bergen Beach, an area of Brooklyn that has a more suburban feel. Now unlike some other RealTours we’ve done in the past this one will not be delving into the best mom and pop coffee shop or hot new brunch spot because that’s not what Bergen Beach is about.   Frank lives the best of both worlds! He loves dining and spending time in many other parts of Brooklyn (some of his favorite spots are in Carroll Gardens), and relaxing at his house in Bergen Beach.  Here’s a day in his neighborhood. 

Daytime: The remoteness of Bergen Beach gives you the feeling of being in the suburbs. It’s primarily one and two family homes out here. No subway stop nearby, no main drag, no nightlife.  Just peace and quiet, space, and a very family friendly environment. My favorite weekend activity is gardening in my yard.   

Nighttime: A great neighborhood restaurant is Il Posto on Avenue U.  It’s the best authentic Italian cuisine.  Everything I’ve had there has been fantastic but my favorite is the veal cutlet with arugula and tomato salad on top.

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