RC’s Maryam Daghmoumi and Tribe Bicycles, Connecting People with Places.

Having grown up in Red Hook, Realty Collective agent Maryam Daghmoumi has gone above and beyond with clients Mitch and Wyatt of Tribe Bicycles.  She found them a space at 254 Van Brunt Street and through her continuing relationship has helped them thrive in Red Hook.  Co-owner, Mitch Rasmussen, describes his experiences with Maryam finding a place for his store and a place in the community below.  To learn more about Tribe Bicycles click here.

I really don’t know where to start about Maryam. To sum it up she is an angel that helped our business during a difficult transition. I often call her the Princess of Red Hook joking with her, but really feel there is some truth to it. She seems to have great relationships with EVERYONE in the neighborhood that stems from her roots growing up here, and her extremely positive attitude. 
When I first contacted her I was looking for a commercial space to move my business from Hong Kong to New York. I had attempted twice to fly out to NY and secure a space but every time something went wrong from the landlord not accepting the original offer to the landlord not being able to work during our visit time due to Passover. Maryam met my business partner and I early in the morning with a bright smile on her face and a list of places that met our criteria. The second listing she showed us turned out to be the perfect fit.
Again we were on a short time frame needing to return to Hon Kong, and as a person who likes to negotiate I naturally asked to undercut the asking price. Maryam stayed up late through the night negotiating with the landlord and followed up with me early the next day saying it had been accepted and we could sign the lease. She really went to bat for us, and fought to get us a great deal.
Since finding my commercial space, Maryam has continued to help me with finding a residential space. Again she was on my side and got me a great deal. She has also become a great friend supporting our business through word of mouth and making sure we are aware of all that goes on in the neighborhood. I get a few invites a month from her to join in on some local activities. 
If your trying to relocate to Red Hook I strongly recommend you contact Maryam. Not only will she be the best help around, she will be your first friend in the neighborhood. 
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