Raaka Chocolate in Red Hook

This four year old Chocolate manufacturer has moved into Red Hook recently at 64 Seabring.  They are called Raaka and they produce delicious organic chocolate and also do tours! We’ve been meaning to take this tour and will definitely get pics when we do but for now we wanted to share something we just saw posted on their facebook page.  See below.

Attention all Raaka Fans! We need your help! Raaka has entered a competition called the Chase Mission Main St. Grants. They are giving away $3 million dollars to over 20 small businesses to allow them to keep doing what they do best! For us, that means bringing more delicious chocolate to all of you! In order to continue in the competition, we need 250 votes by October 17th!

To help Raaka continue to make new and improved chocolate, please show your support and vote for us at https://www.missionmainstreetgrants.com/vote! THANK YOU!!! The Raaka Team

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