A.I.R. Gallery Event in Dumbo on Sunday

We wanted to inform you about an event at AIR Gallery this Sunday that we are sponsoring! Artist, and former Realty Collective agent, MaryKate Maher will be hosting this “afternoon of readings and performances about identity, language and gender.”  A.I.R stands for Artists in Residence and is located at 155 Plymouth Street in Dumbo.  They are one of the original all-female feminist galleries in New York.  Come out this Sunday, May 7th 3-5pm! More from MaryKate about this event and her work is below:

“As a sculptor, I think about my body when I make work: the physical nature of sculpting, the space it takes up, the space it demands of the viewer and its relationship to their body, my lack of upper body strength at times. I think about the history of machismo in the sculpture world (as a woman in that world, do I let myself take up space? Does my work have to fight to take up that space?) I thought of artist peers who also think about the body and their own specific conversations about that “body”. “

About the event:

“I wanted to use the opportunity to present 6 artists and writers whom I feel are doing important work especially with our current political climate. This is an informal afternoon of presentations that span from serious and intense to hilarious. We’re coming together to share and support in a gallery whose mission is to promote the work of women in the arts.”

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