Q&A with Residency Unlimited’s Mariam Alnoaimi

We are proud to announce that we have partnered again with Residency Unlimited and will be co-sponsoring another exhibition of theirs titled RU Exhibition: Reclamation.

This November you will be able to able to witness the work of Ahmed Alasad, Mariam Alnoaimi, Elsie Kagan, Judith Leinen and  Ran Zhou. As their installations will be up for view at our office located on 351 Van Brunt Street starting November 3rd and ending on November 10th. We are very excited about their new exhibition and welcome you all to come by for a visit.

Opening reception: Sunday, November 3, 2 – 7 pm
On view: November  6 – 10, 2019
Location: Compère Collective, 351 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn
Hours: 12 – 6pm

Curated by Anna Cahn for Residency Unlimited

You can view their site here to learn more about this organization and read their announcement about working with us and using our space.

Please reach out directly to info@realtycollective.com, if you have a project or idea you would like to host in our space.

Q&A with Mariam Alnoaimi


Q.What brings you joy as an artist?

A. What brings me joy is the research, contemplation, and questioning of a topic. Creating a platform to question and creating a dialogue makes me feel joy and excitement.


Q. How has being a resident in NYC affected or contributed to your art?

A. Residing in a different city allows us to us to reflect back on many things including our practice. It gives me the opportunity to share and exchange experiences and knowledge with others and to meet different people and listen to their stories. It is also an opportunity to experience urban fabrics that are unique in their own way. The whole experience evokes ideas for projects to work on and research.


Q. What has it been like to interact with the artist community in NY?

A. There have always been public events by organizations and initiatives in NY that their focus and interests are the same as my interests and this is a great opportunity to interact and meet people within the same field.


Q. What do you plan to do next?

A. Work on place-based / research-based projects.


Q. Does your work comment on current social or political issues? and if so how?

A. The projects I am working on focus on the relationships between people and their surroundings, cartography, cognitive mapping and their impact on culture, identity, and environment. My installations, mixed media works, and videography serve as a platform to explore, question, and create dialogue within oneself, as well as with others.  A main focus is the urban development phenomena in Bahrain and other cities around the world and their impact on the spatial environment and how this affects social patterns within communities and urban fabrics, looking into spaces in terms of public/private and regulations/ spontaneity or informality. 


Q. What is your favorite experience or exhibits that you encountered during your time in NYC?

A. Exploring the public spaces and the relationship between private and public. Experiencing parks, public transportation, the density, diversity, and variety of a vibrant city like New York.

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