Places that help us conquer winter.

Yes this winter, as brutal as it’s been, is something we feel like we need to conquer or “get through”.  We are approaching the end of February and entering March (homestretch!).  Just as we’re about to loose it and hole up in our apartments, we like to remind ourselves of the places that give us comfort during the freezing cold weather. 

1. Hometown BBQ-  Winter is the best time to pig out.  I know that a lot of people consider BBQ to be summer food but nothing warms us up like ribs, pulled pork and mac-n-cheese.  Not only is the food comforting but so is the nice dim lighting and lively atmosphere.

2. Boat Bar-  Bars are definitely a good place to get out of the cold.  Dark places to pass the time, chat with friends or strangers and warm your bellies with libations. This divey spot Smith Street has a fireplace in the back and a great juke.

3. The Chocolate Room-  The best hot chocolate in Brooklyn.  Need we say more.

4. Brooklyn Museum-  If we’ve been hanging inside for a while, even inside a restaurant or bar, it can still get a little stifling.  We long to be out in the open air with lots of space (like Prospect Park on a warm day!).  The Brooklyn Museum is a good alternative in the cold months to the park.  It’s very open and not too crowded. A great relief when we’re feeling winter-induced claustrophobia.

5. Spa Castle- Not in the direct neighborhood but needs to be on this list because it’s worth traveling for.  There is one in Queens and one recently opened in Manhattan.  You can spend the whole day thawing out in one of their many jacuzzi tubs. 

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