Performance at The Invisible Dog today through Sunday.

The Village of Vale looks (from the photo above) and sounds (from the excerpt from their website below) really awesome.  The performances will begin tonight at 8pm and continue until Sunday February 8th at 3pm, with the Friday and Saturday performances at 8pm also.  The installation is visible Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 1pm to 7pm and Sunday from 1 to 2pm.  You don’t have to RSVP but their is a suggested donation of $10 at the door. 

‘The Village of Vale’ is an exploration of storytelling through music, performance and an immersive, dynamic art installation that serves as the setting for each performance. It is one original gothic fairy tale told many different ways. Using prose, original music, illustration, installation art and performance, Vale upends conventional methods of storytelling by investigating how methods of storytelling influence each other while adapting it all to a one-of-a-kind performance event. ‘The Village of Vale’ is at once a collection record, a printed and illustrated storybook, and a multi-dimensional installation and performance art show, each distinct works of art that in performance become indistinguishable.

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