Painted Swan on Court Street.

It’s quite a sign of the times in a neighborhood when a Chinese fast food restaurant is replaced with an upscale home goods boutique.  The whole corner of Court Street and 2nd Place, where the store Painted Swan now resides, has undergone a transformation.  Not just the exterior of the corner storefront has changed but the front of the building on 2nd Place has undergone some landscaping and added a short cement wall between the sidewalk and the front property. Carroll Gardens is a good example of an always evolving neighborhood.  The new shop is very elegant from the outside and inviting on the inside as well.  read more below from their website and check out their facebook page for photos!

The Painted Swan is an accessible shop dedicated to creating a home that is inviting, original and a true expression of its inhabitants soul. The shop was founded by Andrea Romeo, whose passion for antiques, classic refinishing and painting techniques, led her to open the Painted Swan. Here you can find one- of- a- kind hand finished furniture pieces, art and items that would make anyone’s house a home. 

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