#TBT: Our Favorite Past Renos

So how’s your space treating you this summer? Pandemic or not, summer is prime time home renovation season for many homeowners, especially if they’re repurposing spaces to serve as ad hoc classrooms, offices, and movie theaters in lieu of the real thing. We’re asking a lot of our spaces these days so we thought you could use some inspiration courtesy of longtime Realty Collective agent Tina Fallon, whose timeless and eclectic aesthetic has turned several houses into homes for Tina and her family, both in Brooklyn and their second hometown, Greenport, Long Island.  

“I think design has to be personal and idiosyncratic to be timeless,” says Tina. “Otherwise you’re just matching someone’s Instagram idea of what’s pleasing. It’s a lot easier to change your hairstyle than your sofa, so we try to avoid trends and go with what we love.” 

We think you’ll love it too. Oh, and if you need a little more inspo, Tina and Realty Collective Founder Victoria Alexander are sometimes known to moonlight-collaborate as Hoffman and Swinburne on renovation projects throughout the borough. 

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