New York Co-Working Space App Croissant by Shyda Hoque

Tired of going to your local coffee shops with no space? Need a co-working space but can’t make the commitment of signing contract? Then you might be interested in the Croissant app that launched last July. 

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of meeting co-founders: Nisha Garigan, Adam Chew and David Idell at Croissant’s headquarters in the Flatiron district and discussing their startup. Zoltan Szales was not at the meeting but I added this youtube clip for you to meet all four of the founders.  They are also pictured above.  Croissant already has 21 co-working spaces in Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens and New Jersey.  Think of it as a “classpass” for co-working spaces!

It is estimated that 34% of the workforce work as freelance or independent contractors with as many as 40% predicted by 2020 according to Intuit.  Co-working spaces have popped up all over NYC to help people cultivate a sense of community and still maintain independence.  The Harvard Business Review’s column on “Why People Thrive in Co-Working Spaces

With the Croissant app you get to experience working at several coworking spaces in NYC without committing to one contract. For as low as $99 a month you will be able to work for 40 hours a week at any of the available workspaces. Nisha discussed that the whole idea, “is imitating the coffee shop experience” while having a place to use the essentials of a printer, reliable wifi, coffee and working in a community.

Your network could be expanded by visiting different coworking spaces as opposed to just working at one. Need community? Croissant even launched a community board to help people stay connected to other “Croissanteers.” You may drop-in for 3-4 hours and then leave. Reservations can be booked on the go!

Next time you need to meet someone at the last minute and don’t want to meet at your local Starbucks then book with Croissant!  For more information pay a visit to their website and you can download the app on your iOS or Android phone.  They are currently offering a 7-day free trial.

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