New Years Resolution Sources

If you haven’t already figured out a New Year’s resolution, today is a good day to focus on what you want in the coming year and how you’ll be spending your energy to accomplish that. A very common resolution is to exercise more and get in shape.  The YMCA makes this one easy to start, since they are offering a “no joiner’s fee” deal until January 31st. They also make it easy to find a routine that suits you if you running on the treadmill bores you.  Both the Dodge YMCA in Boerum Hill and the Prospect Park YMCA in Park Slope have lap pools and the Park Slope Armory has an indoor track.

The number one resolution that we’ve been hearing for this year is, not surprisingly, politically driven.  We and many others vow to continue to stay active in our communities and beyond.  In case you need some inspiration, here are a couple of great sources to keep you inspired.

The Indivisible Guide is a practical guide for resisting the Trump agenda.

#ActionTrumpsHate is a movement with a weekly newsletter reminding folks what they could focus on that particular week that would help the cause.  Read more about this and sign up here.

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