New ice cream shop, Hay Rosie, in Carroll Gardens.

We passed the new, “coming soon”, ice cream shop at 204 Sackett and snapped this picture.  It’s called Hay Rosie and will serve scoops as well as to-go pints of homemade ice cream. We’re wondering, though, how the fact that this place is located so close to Farmacy (less than half a block) will play out.  We’re hoping well since they clearly have different styles, as you can see from the list of Hay Rosie flavors below.  You can follow their progress on their twitter page.

Bumpy BQE:  Our sendup of Rocky Road featuring smoked marcona almonds and chocolate chunks folded into a housemade marshmallow cream base.

Sriracha Popcorn: One of our favorite midnight snacks re-imagined in ice cream form.

Toasted Almond & Luxardo:  A hefty dose of the maraschino liqueur nicely compliments a sea of coarsely chopped, fragrant almonds.

Burnt Caramel with Sea Salt & Dehydrated Honey:  We think it speaks for itself.

Salty Lemon Cream: A house-made lemon curd base with flecks of Maldon sea salt 

Sticky Schnauzer Paws: A swirl of sticky caramel surrounding house-made peanut butter cups – in honor of our sweet little Schnauzer who manages to get her paws in everything.

Chocolate Covered Blueberry:  A lush dark chocolate base provides ample cover for the stream of fresh blueberry sauce swirled throughout.

Scotchie:  With the cookie version in mind, we created an oatmeal ice cream base with a butterscotch swirl and Scotch-spiked shortbread pieces.

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