New Construction for Brooklyn Bridge Park this week.

By spring 2014 the giant and gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge Park will be about two thirds complete, with the “opening of Pier 4 Beach and Pier 2 — a 5 acre active recreation pier including a roller rink, bocce, handball, shuffleboard and basketball courts, as well an expansive turf, gym equipment and swings”!  In the meantime construction for a number of areas is beginning this week.  They will be reworking on the Main Street area, giving it an expanded lawn and new dog run to name a couple of changes.  Alternate dog run areas are below.  Two other areas of construction are Jay Street and John Street.  These will focus mainly on pedestrian entrances, bridges, to the park.  Lastly Pier 6 will be getting 3.4 added acres of parkland.  We are constantly in awe of this place and the more it expands the more our jaws drop.

Alternate dog runs in the area are located at:
Hillside Dog Park: Columbia Heights and Vine Street
Pier 6 Dog Run: Brooklyn Bridge Park at Atlantic Avenue

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