A New Commuter App Servicing Brooklyn.

Getting from North Brooklyn to South Brooklyn is sometimes more difficult than getting into the city.  Over the years, with the help of starts ups such as Car 2 Go or Uber, more options have been given to commuters.  Those options have been generally more expensive though.  It would be a wonderful innovation to find a way to alleviate some of the hassle of commuting from North to South but without the huge cost to the commuter.

We saw this sign in Dumbo, which has become a hub for companies choosing to base their offices in Brooklyn rather than Manhattan.  At the lunch hour you’ll see bodega and cafe lines filled with office workers. It’s a car pool van called Chariot that may be the answer for many workers living in Greenpoint (or along the route) and working in Dumbo. What makes it affordable is the option of buying a 30 day all access pass for $119.  If you happen to make this trip for work on weekdays and are sick of the mass transit offered from these particular points you definitely need to check out this app.

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