Moving in to our new home.

I thought this was going to be my final blog of my home buying and renovations experience but it’s such a mess with the move and all that I wanted to post one more official after pics blog.  Hopefully next week.  Here are some moving in pics, though. You can see more on our Pinterest.  We’re moved in and setting up now.  It’s been a long weekend and will continue to be a long week but we’re here, finally.  I’m still a little in awe of it all but the renovations turned out better than we could have hoped.  The contractor we used, William P Construction, really came through.  With both the home buying and renovations experience there were some bumps but now we can ogle our new counter tops or pedestal sink or dishwasher (I’ve never owned a dishwasher my whole life!!!). 

So what did we learn?  Patience while looking for a home is key.  Rushing into anything is probably not a great idea but especially something so important.  Also, you may have a list of wants and needs, but keep an open mind as well.  You may not even know exactly what you want until you see it.  When dealing with a contractor, get a contract with every little thing you want done written out in detail, go with your gut, and get very involved.  We stopped by or called every day to see or hear about the progress and we went shopping with them very early on in the process so that they knew exactly what we wanted.  We didn’t want any surprises.  We still had a few and that’s the last lesson.  Expect surprises both good and bad but in the end it will all work out and you’ll have your very own home!

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