Le Frak Center pics.

We visited Le Frak Center at Lakeside Prospect Park last weekend and took some pics.  You can see a few here.  The rest are on our Pinterest board.  It was a beautiful weekend  there were a lot of people out taking advantage of the sun and warmth, which hadn’t been seen for a while and we all knew we may not again for days or weeks to come.  It was bustling but not overcrowded.  The space is so big it’s hard to imagine it getting uncomfortably full.  The open air rink was closed.  It was baking in the sun and mostly melted.  The area is gorgeous.  Both the walkways around the lake and the rink itself.  The cafe, Bluestone, was really delicious.  The burger and fries were several notches above what you would find at your typical rink.  They also had ice cream from Blue Marble and desserts from Robicelli’s.  This weekend is your last chance for ice skating.  Next week it will be switching into a roller rink.  Can’t wait to revisit in the summer and see the transformation into roller rink and water park!

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