Last minute blizzard prepping.

Hey all.  Hope everyone is snug in their homes or soon will be.  It’s starting to look pretty nasty out there already.  The wind is picking up and the snow is beginning to stick.  For those who still have to go out and run some errands (get food, etc;) most stores in the area are still open, though grocery stores are running out of some items. Fairway didn’t have bananas this morning!  Not a single one.  Thought we must admit we think people did most of their shopping last night because the stores weren’t as crowded as we expected.  For those who live close to The Chocolate Room, they’ll be open for a while (they said until 11pm but I bet they’ll change that up as the storm gets more severe) and getting some hot chocolate to sip on while we look out the window at the craziness was a must.  What’s on your blizzard shopping list? Everyone stay safe and warm!

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