Last day to email comments about Red Hook ferry service.

Today is the last day to have your voice heard in regards to ferry service to Red Hook.  October 8th, today, is the deadline to email your comments to the senior project manager.  Please read below for the email address and more information about the project and it’s alternatives.  The map above shows you the proposed sites.


There is a far better alternative site for the Red Hook Ferry.  

Atlantic Basin

* proximity to many more residents and businesses in Red Hook 
* serves the whole community   

* sheltered water  

* easy access for persons with disabilities  

* adjacent parking 
* easy passenger drop-off

* near bus stop    

* adjacent bike path

* adjacent access to Harbor School on Governor’s Island

Unfortunately, the proposed EDC site, at the end of the Beard Street Warehouses or the end of Louis Valentino Park is of little value to most of the Red Hook Community and even less value to those in the southernmost part of the Columbia Waterfront area. 

Among the problems of the EDC proposed location: 

* It is remote from most of Red Hook’s population, including Public Housing residents
* It is totally exposed to the elements, which can be vary harsh in winter  

* It is extremely difficult for persons with disabilities to reach 

* It lacks nearby parking or an easy drop-off site 
* A ferry at the end of Valentino Park is not feasible for many reasons. 



that serves all of our Community

We can only accomplish the site change 

to Atlantic Basin  

with your voices  

and that of your neighbors. 

Send or EMAIL 

your written comments by: 

October 8 


Att: Denise Pisani, Senior Project Manager

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