Kid’s Activity at The Whitney Museum

Going to an art museum with children can sometimes sound like a better idea than it turns out tot be if boredom kicks in and they pester you to rush through the rooms and leave. Many museums have cute interactive exhibits and kid-friendly activities built-in.

This weekend we visited the Whitney Museum and right now, for their Grant Wood exhibit which runs March 2nd-June 10th, they are giving out activity books. These booklets are part scavenger hunt, since you need to find the painting on each page, and part doodle book. It prompts the children to use their imagination, draw, fill in word bubbles, find shapes within the paintings and more. We’ve included pages from the book in the gallery below so you can get an idea of what we mean. We saw so many children sitting on the floor beside a painting looking up and drawing and really engaging with the artwork. It was a great idea and we hope that they continue handing out these books for other exhibits in the future!

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