Industry City Holiday Market pics and Lilac Chocolate Factory opens.

A couple of cool events happened over the weekend in Industry City, for those of you who don’t know the area it’s in Brooklyn around 2nd ave in the 30’s.  To quote from their website “Industry City is a 6 million square-foot 21st Century innovation and manufacturing district that is situated on the waterfront in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. The complex was developed by Irving T. Bush as Brooklyn’s first major industrial, shipping and distribution center, and was so successful that it helped to spur the economic and industrial development of the entire borough”.  One event was the grand opening of chocolate factory Lilac, which has been around for decades but moved to this location recently.  Not much going on their (pics above) but cool to see how the chocolate is made and they were giving away lots of samples (yum!).  A bit more crowded was the Holiday and Makers Market.  Lots of booths of local craftspeople and artisans.  Pictures for that are below.

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