Home Renovations: Part 7

This will be my second to last blog about these renovations because by Thursday (hopefully!) work will be complete and we’ll be moving in on Friday.  I’ve included these latest pics that I took on Friday.  The bathroom is nearly finished.  Wainscoting is complete, sink is in and it’s all painted (below).  Just waiting for a toilet.  Kitchen back splash just went up (pictured above).  We did the white subway tile with gray grout look.  Just needs appliances installed.  Painting throughout is complete.  Light fixtures need to go up.  After those three things happen and a few other odds and ends the floor guys can come sand and gloss the whole place and with one day after that to dry we can move in!!  We are thrilled and a bit surprised that the rest of the process, after the whole DOB fiasco, went so smoothly and so quickly.  The last few weeks just flew by.  Now we are in the packing, cleaning, making “to do” lists mode.  My brain feels ready to explode. 

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