Hiking Close to New York

You may have noticed we’ve been on a hiking and camping kick lately. It’s so hard to say goodbye to the summer and if we can just remember that we still have a couple more months of moderate weather than it’ll make that farewell less severe. Take advantage of the fall by going outdoors and basking in cooler (but not yet freezing!) temperatures. Hiking is the best activity during this time. You can view the turning leaves and enjoy the fresh air as you hike to an overlook or waterfall. Here are some great waterfall hikes that are close to New York City!

For a super nearby hike (only a little over an hour away), and one with moderate difficulty levels, the Reeves Brook Loop Trail “offers gorgeous streams and waterfalls to Raccoon Brook Hills where you”ll meet rock scrambles and nice views”.

We’ve got several weekends of sunny nice days. Get out there and explore!

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