Hazel Village Doll and Clothing Store in Gowanus.

This incredibly adorable handmade doll store, which is on 3rd Avenue and 12th Street in Gowanus has been open for only a few months now. We passed by the other day a snapped this shot. Love their window display, all the furniture and decor inside, and the beautiful dolls of course.  The whole feel of this place is warm and inviting.  Owner Jane Van Cleef will make you a doll (you choose from the many options) and then you can pick clothing for that doll.  She also does custom dolls, kids clothing and other toys. One very cute and unique thing about her website is the stories she tells about her dolls making crafts, such as “Lucy Makes Embroidered Valentines”.  This is a story about how Lucy the Owl makes Valentines and is written as a blog with pictures of the Owl making the craft step by step.  We assume she also sells these crafts that she’s speaking of?  Very Smart!

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