Hay Rosie is now open on Sackett Street.

When we first heard of this new ice cream place coming the the neighborhood we were both excited by the exotic flavors we saw on their menu and worried that they would take away from our favorite ice cream spot, Farmacy.  It is merely a half a block away.  But realistically ice cream is something you can’t have enough of and they are two very different experiences.  You can’t beat the atmosphere in Farmacy.  That said we sampled some Hay Rosie’s sweet offerings last weekend and can attest for the delicousness of this scoop.  When you look at the menu you question whether these flavors could possibly go together…oh they do.  Sriracha popcorn is amazing.  A little spice but cooled down by the creamy treat.  It tastes like slightly spicy crackerjacks.  They had one called batman, a very dark chocolate with smoked almonds, and another with bananas brown butter and malted milk.  So good.  Can’t wait to try them all.

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