Haven’t Filled Out Your Census Yet? It’s More Important Now Than Ever

2020 Census NYC

Photo by Enayet Raheem on Unsplash

If you haven’t yet filled out your 2020 Census, we get it. There’s been a lot going on. And while the first deadline (April 1) has passed, that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook. In fact, a Census worker will most likely be reaching out to you soon if they haven’t already.

The good news is, everything you need to complete your Census is online this year. That means no finding a stamp, no finding a mailbox in the middle of all this, and no leaving your house. You should have received an invitation in the mail to complete your Census. It likely looked like this

If you still have it, just look for your Census ID in the large box, mid-page. If you’ve lost the letter, here is the Census website. Just start the questionnaire and when you get to the second screen, you’ll be prompted where to click if you don’t have or have lost your ID. You’ll just have to answer a few questions about your address and you’ll be good to go.

A few important things to know about the Census: 

  • You will absolutely NOT be asked about your citizenship status.
  • Accurate counts are critical since the Census results determine everything from the number of representatives your state gets in the House to the number of schools or hospitals that need to built in your neighborhood—and many more issues and services directly impacting your daily life.
  • Census data is private for 72 years before becoming part of the public record.
  • This is a particularly difficult Census to undertake, given how much publicity the now-removed citizenship question garnered (and how much fear), plus the fact that COVID-19 is making it impossible to send workers into neighborhoods right now.
  • If you know of a friend or family member who hasn’t yet completed their form, please share this info with them.





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