Happy first day of Autumn!

So much happened this summer. Ample Hills opened in Gowanus!  That’s actually very exciting going into the colder months because now if you live in the Bococa area and have to say goodbye to the Brooklyn Bridge Park seasonal Ample Hills booth there is a pretty close option that’s open year round.  We will miss eating ice cream outdoors though.  It will be a bit more difficult to visit our new ice cream obsession in Carroll Gardens, Hay Rosie.  But wait, they serve pints too!  Problem solved.  What about that outdoor BBQ pit outside of Steve’s Keylime Pies that popped up at the beginning of the summer? (pictured below)  Eating bbq outdoors was super fun.  Well, Hometown is right around the corner and the atmosphere there is amazing.  Okay, I guess we’re ready for Fall.  Bring on the pumpkin flavored everything and Halloween and picturesque autumn-colored trees.

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