Gluten-Free Takedown at The Bell House Sunday.

So, we’ve heard of BBQ contests, chili cook-offs, and all kinds of competitions for baked goods but we’ve never heard of a gluten free takedown.  This may actually be the first.  It’s not too surprising, though, with the droves of people that have sensitivities to gluten that this would eventually be a thing.  We have several friends that are gluten free that are pretty pumped about this event.  It’s this Sunday at 2pm at the Bell House.  You can click here to buy tickets.  More info below.

Definitely, and because there are only a BAJILLION gluten-free warriors wandering a desolated wasteland who have never had their very own takedown, this is historic. August 24, 2-4PM at the Bell House!!! The first ever Gluten Free Takedown!!! What is your interestingest, favorite fisticly gluten-free recipe??? BRING IT to the Bell House! And destroy all our faces!!! Fight! Because the prizes are wizard!

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