Finding the Best Indoor Plant for Your Space

When you are thinking about how to decorate your apartment or house don’t forget that indoor plants add both color and life to a space. There are many aspects to consider when choosing the right plant for you from aesthetics to care. Here is a guide from Plant Care Today called 35 of the Best Indoor Plants For Your Home!

Something that a lot of folks don’t think about is how plants can help your air quality. There are specific houseplants that will actually clean air pollutants such as fumes from cleaning products and car exhaust. Read more about that here. Another important detail to consider is just how green your thumb is. Are you the type of person who knows how to care for different species of plants and help them thrive or do plants often wilt in your presence? If you are in the latter category here are 11 hard-to-kill houseplants that may do well in your home.

Do your research, make your choice, and turn your home into a healthy and vibrant sanctuary!

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