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About Compère Collective

Compère Collective’s mission is to nurture and host diverse artistic practice and thoughtful dialogue; understanding that art should be used as a catalyst for critical thinking.

We are not just hosts, but connectors.

We place great significance and value on the human interaction and connection that art makes possible, and see our role not just to provide space, but also to help establish connections between people, art, and ideas.

Similarly, we value the integrity of the artistic process and the link that personal expression has to a broader understanding and respect of social contexts. The exhibition space is  intimate and capable of showcasing a rich variety of media, which have included all the traditional formats, from painting and performance to facilitated discussion and dance. We relish the freedom this space provides for artists, collaborators, and curators— to reinvent what “gallery” can mean, artistically, conceptually and as a force within the community.

Past Exhibits

Compère Collective was founded by Victoria Alexander, owner of Red Hook’s Realty Collective. Victoria’s boutique real estate firm in Brooklyn celebrates the borough’s rich history, architecture, culture and people. You will often see the word “passionate” when describing the way her collective of real estate agents feels towards the place they live and work.  Located in the culturally and artistically rich neighborhood of Red Hook Brooklyn, Compère Collective strives to do the same, and has hosted a diverse set of exhibitions, events, and artists since opening its doors in 2011.