Call for Entry

Exhibitions/presentations centered around women’s rights or housing rights issues.

Compére Collective
(located at the Realty Collective office)
351 Van Brunt St,
Brooklyn, NY 11231


Compére Collective is offering programming space to artists starting January 1, 2024 through the end of 2024. Compére is specifically looking to showcase exhibitions that focus on highlighting women’s rights, housing issues, or other community-centric topics that would bring value to the Brooklyn artistic community. For past exhibits, please visit the Compere Collective page.

Compère Collective is a sponsored artist space of Realty Collective that offers artists a free, 800 square-foot storefront gallery space in the heart of Red Hook, Brooklyn on Van Brunt St. Compère Collective specializes in a range of works engaging thoughtful and community-connected works and has hosted 100 plus artist exhibitions and events since opening its doors in 2011. Artists are selected on a rolling basis and may show their work for up to 4 weeks. If there are any proceeds as a result of the exhibition, Compére Collective asks artists to donate up to 20% of their proceeds to a local non-profit organization. Some supported community non profits include Red Hook Initiative, Red Hook Art Project, Housing Justice for All.

Individuals who use the space are given access to a “white-box” gallery space in which they are solely responsible for the installation & de-installation of their work. The space is offered free of charge (new artists are strongly encouraged!) and individuals are expected to provide their own marketing plan for their event/exhibit.

Compére Collective will provide additional support and guidance in the following ways:

– Compère Collective will create a blog post & social post, and include in newsletter sent to 30k+ local individuals.
– Compère Collective will create and share a dedicated press release about our partnership (this is only if
the artist/organization provides written description of the exhibition).
– Compére Collective will include exhibit details on a landing page that will exist in perpetuity.

How to Submit Your Proposal

We are accepting proposals for exhibitions, community presentations, artists talks/lectures, performances, and more that focus on highlighting women’s issues and/or housing justice issues.

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About Compere Collective

Compère Collective’s mission is to nurture and host diverse artistic practice and thoughtful dialogue; understanding that art should be used as a catalyst for critical thinking. We are not just hosts, but connectors. We place great significance and value on the human interaction and connection that art makes possible, and see our role not just to provide space, but also to help establish connections between people, art, and ideas. 

Similarly, we value the integrity of the artistic process and the link that personal expression has to a broader understanding and respect of social contexts. The exhibition space is intimate and capable of showcasing a rich variety of media, which have included all the traditional formats, from painting and performance to facilitated discussion and dance. We relish the freedom this space provides for artists, collaborators, and curators— to reinvent what “gallery” can mean, artistically, conceptually, and as a force within the community. 

Compère Collective was founded by Victoria Alexander, owner of Red Hook’s Realty Collective. Victoria’s boutique real estate firm in Brooklyn celebrates the borough’s rich history, architecture, culture, and people. You will often see the word “passionate” when describing the way her organization champions the support of female-led organizations, community improvement projects, housing justice, and more. Located in the culturally and artistically rich neighborhood of Red Hook, Brooklyn, Compère Collective strives to do the same, and has hosted a diverse set of exhibitions, events, and artists since opening its doors in 2011. 

HOW TO APPLY: Follow submission guidelines above and send information to info@realtycollective.com

QUESTIONS? info@realtycollective.com 


Compére Collective is a sponsored gallery space by Realty Collective. 


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