Compére Collective Presents: PORTALS by Savannah Green

We are so excited to present our first of two June exhibits at Compére Collective, PORTALS a collage series by Savannah Green, with insights & intuitions from Eryn O’Sullivan. 

Opening Reception: Friday, June 9 • 6-9pm • 351 Van Brunt St, Brooklyn

PORTALS by Savannah Green

PORTALS is a modern & timeless exploration of the ancient art of divination. Inspired by the original Rider-Waite deck and the enduring mystical images of Pamela Coleman-Smith, Portals is a divination deck (in process) that seeks to bring the ancient to the now and the present to remember the future. Leaving behind the expired archetypes of stoney and stern old white men on thrones and reveling instead in the real majesty of Earth, of all. The kaleidoscopic diversity of human (& non human) life, an array of ancestors – plants, kin, stones, seas, strangers we meet & heart family etc. This series is elemental in nature, animist in perspective & seeks to be a deck that speaks soulfully to all
sorts. We are all earthlings. Elemental & eternal.

These portals are windows between the personal and the universal. It is a collection that intends to honor all earthly beings as divine and bring our spirits closer together in the constellation of life. Elevating the earthly experience and seeing life as a psychedelic and cosmic adventure. The moments of peace and stillness, ever rich with the subtle movement of the eternal vibration. Nothing is ever truly quiet, fixed, certain – there is always energy. There is always life.

There is always magic.

Magic has been at the heart of our lives since the beginning. Both Eryn & Savannah were initiated into the lineage of the tarot at a young age via their mothers. And soon enough, E & S met in art college and developed a deep friendship through the shared love of mystical & spooky goodness. Tarot became a language for the unseen to be communicated. A bridge between worlds – the conscious and unconscious. A way to speak the unspoken language of the instinct, of intuition. Tarot has been a way to connect with the magical realms inside and outside ourselves, throughout our lives. A way to take agency over our actions, to help us make intuitive choices with the sense that we are being benevolently guided by a greater energy than just our own. Because we are (even though it’s easy to forget).

PORTALS emerged during the early daze of the pandemic as a way for us to come back to center – to remember the magic behind it all. To trust in the divine intelligence that guides us, especially in times where it feels hard to see a way forward. To remember who we are. Earthly & cosmic. Elegant & feral. Curious & wise.

It is our hope that through these portals, you find a way in to the magic that is always there, inextricably linked to life, inextricably linking us all together, in a way we can only know by feeling, by being.

This show is dedicated to our dear ones who left this earth but are with us in Spirit always, Ann Steel & Dave Green. We love yew forever, thank you for your notes & nudges throughout this creative process and teaching us to pour our love into all that we do.


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