Columbia Waterfront’s Cantine by Shyda Hoque

Cantine hit it out of the park for Columbia Waterfront! Branching out from their catering company, owner Alexandra Sagol and chef Eric Zawacki have opened this cafe and it’s thriving at 126 Union. Alexandra and Eric are constantly changing the menu to keep customers coming back! The options are similar to their catering menu that is so diverse and contains: Mediterranean, New South and Asian inspired dishes. Cantine started in East Harlem out of Hot Bread Kitchen and was there for four years before moving to Brooklyn. Cantine Catering operated out of neighboring Margaret Palca for a year before moving over to the Union space.

Currently open for breakfast at 8am, and serving delicious baked goods, frittatas, and La Colombe Coffee, this gem of a space with an outdoor garden is exactly what Columbia Waterfront needs. I believe this is a breath of fresh air for a neighborhood saturated with Italian eateries and destination restaurants. I can attest that I ate one of the best veggie burgers here and the gluten free pastries are delicious. Summer hours are 8-5pm M-F but will be expanding to weekend and later hours at the end of summer. We are all excited to have them in the Columbia Waterfront!

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