Columbia Waterfront Merchants Meeting is tomorrow.

Tomorrow between 4pm and 5pm the merchants meeting for the Columbia Waterfront District will be held at Carroll Gardens Association headquarters.  That’s at 201 Columbia Street.  Anyone with a business in the neighborhood is welcome and encouraged to come but please RSVP by 5pm today.  You can call, (718) 243-9301, or email them at info@carrollgardensassociation.com. Here’s what’s on the agenda for the meeting.

  1. Parking
    • DOT—metered parking feasibility study: UPDATE -> COME TO THE MEETING TO FIND OUT
    • Red Hook Playgroup—improved traffic safety at Columbia and Summit Street
  2. Tour De Brooklyn: business marketing opportunity, potential to compile neighborhood map, and week-long business attraction offerings -> discussion to ensue at the meeting
  3. Reconnect Carroll: Review draft letter and decide recipients
  4. Waterfront Park at Columbia and Degraw: UPDATE
  5. NYSERDA opportunities: commercial and residential
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