Christmas Tree and Decor shopping tips in the hood.

There are plenty of places to choose from no matter where you live in the area.  Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill, Columbia Waterfront.  They all have a few places to choose from.  Two that stand out as being especially affordable are Mazzone Hardware at 470 Court Street and Fairway in Red Hook.  Mazzone has 6 ft trees for $45 and 7ft for $55.  And a nice looking selection too!  Fairway is even cheaper.  Their small trees, which aren’t really small at all (5ft or 6ft maybe) were $29.99 and the larger ones were $39.99.  Many say the key to getting a nice tree is getting out early so you can have the first pick.  As for Christmas decor, wreaths and whatnot, it’s hard to beat Trader Joes’ prices.  A small wreath there is only $5.99 and they have a big selection of Poinsettias and other fresh decorative plants for great prices.  Happy shopping!

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