Chef Journeys by Maryam Daghmoumi.

A new business has come to Red Hook. Not just a new business, but a different take on a still relatively new business model.  Chef Journeys recently took over the old Rebuilding Together space at 285 Van Brunt Street recently. After a few months of building out they finally took down the brown paper window coverings and gave us a little peek into their new home. When we signed leases for the space 2 months ago, I was confident that their business model would work, not just here in Red Hook, but all around the city as well. 

Chef Journeys is an ingredient and meal kit delivery service, kind of like Blue Apron or Hello Fresh, but way better! What makes Chef Journeys better is that the user never has to subscribe, they can purchase on a day by day basis or subscribe only if they want to. Additionally, if you place your order by 3pm, you can receive your meal package the same day. To add another convenient aspect, Chef Journeys will also have designated pick up locations for those who prefer to quickly pick something up on the way home from work (Van Brunt St location being a main pick up spot) for all of us tired or lazy Red Hookers. 

My favorite detail about Chef Journeys is that each month they will feature cuisine from 4 different countries around the world. So in theory, in the span of 1 year you could try cooking and eating typical culinary dishes from 48 different countries. These are “recipes that would tell a story, meals that would make a journey”, hence the name. 

Please do check out their website (still under partial construction) for more info and sign up for updates so that you can take one of their culinary journeys once they are officially open for business!

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