“Buying into Brooklyn” Workshop is Monday!

“Buying into Brooklyn”, a workshop for anyone thinking about someday purchasing a home in this great borough, is almost sold out! RC’s Victoria Hagman and Tina Fallon will be there to explain the ins and outs of the process along with real estate attorney Michael Moshan and Sterling National Bank mortgage bankers Mark Maimon and Gabi Feuer.  This event begins at 7:30pm at The Brooklyn Brewery.  One $10 ticket will get you a beer too!  For more info click here

Here’s what you’ll learn over Brooklyn beers on Dec. 7:
-Who protects you and helps you get the best deal
-How to position yourself as a bonafide buyer in a competitive market
-The importance of finding the right lender
-What to do when you have bad or less than stellar credit
-The steps to obtaining a pre-approval and mortgage
-The offer/acceptance process
-The difference between a condo vs. co-op (and how to pass a co-op board)

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