Brooklyn Hot Chocolate Tour

We love making up our own activities in order to explore Brooklyn by foot and there is no better way during the chilly winter months than grabbing some friends and touring the best spots in Brooklyn for hot chocolate. Now, there are definitely amazing places all over the borough but we had to stick to the restaurants and bakeries relatively close since we don’t want to send you out on day-long journey in this weather.

The first on our list, The Chocolate Room on Court Street,  may be the richest cup and farther away than the others so we recommend stopping there first.  After this one you’ll be traveling to Dumbo via bus, train or foot. We added this one because they are our absolute favorite!  You can choose a dark thick hot chocolate or a milkier version that isn’t so heavy but we say go dark! It is worth it and if you choose to walk to Dumbo you will have plenty of calories to get you there.

Three spots right around or on Water street are One Girl Cookie, Burrow Patisserie and Jacques Torres.  We’ve tired the last and it’s wonderfully indulgent and heard great things about the first two. Plus all three are on this list of Brooklyn’s best hot chocolate via Foursquare.

So make a map and gather some buddies and hit the streets to find your favorite!

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