Brooklyn Bridge | Buying Into Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn

Brooklyn Bridge is our ongoing series featuring our clients’ real stories of what buying in Brooklyn is really like. Buying a home anywhere is a challenge. But buying in Brooklyn is a true journey. Finding that just-right combination of affordability, location, style, and livability can sometimes feel overwhelming. That’s why we wanted to bring you this series, featuring the stories of real Brooklyn home-buyers and their experiences. Not only will it prepare you for what’s in store, it’ll help you see if Realty Collective might be the right fit for you. The series is also a celebration of what’s on the other side of the journey—a place to put down roots, build equity, and make as many holes in the walls hanging pictures as you like. A home. 

When it comes to the home-buying process, recent Realty Collective client (and first-time buyer) Elizabeth has some candid advice to share about how to prepare for the process. “It’s an emotional roller coaster. Buckle up, settle in, and make sure you have someone that cares about you during the ride.”

Carroll Gardens real estate

Fortunately, Elizabeth had RC agents Tina Fallon and Jane Herro by her side throughout the search. The process ended up taking some time before the team finally found the perfect place. The first time she stepped into what became her Carroll Gardens condo, everything seemed to fall into place. With its sleek Japanese architectural notes and 15-foot oversized double windows, Elizabeth recalls “It hit all the right notes.” 

You might think that light-filled living space is the best view but that honor actually belongs to the private roof space, where views of the Manhattan skyline sealed the deal. Still, Elizabeth cautions, the journey wasn’t always smooth. “You will freak out at some point. Something will go wrong. Doesn’t matter how prepared you are or the precautions you take, not everything will go exactly as you want or plan, but it will still be okay.” 

Carroll Gardens real estate

Now that she’s settled into her new place, Elizabeth is finding that the neighborhood—which is nestled happily between Carroll Gardens, Gowanus, and Cobble Hill—”Still feels like a neighborhood,” with its independent shops and restaurants.

And since finding the right place to land was so critical, Elizabeth is glad she had Tina and Jane leading the way because “They knew me better than I knew myself. They not only listened to what I was saying I wanted, but watched how I reacted in each space and often provided a reality check on the gap between. They helped me realize what my actual priorities were, which in turn helped us focus the search. They were my real estate mirror, showing me what really mattered to me.”

Carroll Gardens real estate

She goes on to share that working with Realty Collective was “Like gaining an architectural tour guide who knew every nook and cranny of Brooklyn real estate, a mom who provided caring-but-sage counsel, a handyman spotting practical need-to-knows, a therapist through the emotional roller coaster, and fun friends to toast the wins— all in one team of two amazing women.”

We’re lucky to have had Elizabeth as a client. If you’d like help on your own buying in Brooklyn journey, get in touch!

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