Becoming a homeowner in Brooklyn Part 9

We closed!  Fairly quick and relatively easy.  It is official!  Now we move into phase two.  Renovations.  We need to move in by August 1st whether there are workers at the place or not.  I hope this goes quickly, we were told they’d start mid week and work for 4 to 5 weeks, but my gut and everyone I’ve spoken to says expect many many delays.  It’s still very exciting.  First going into the home-buying arena we were hoping to find something move-in ready but it is nice to be able to choose exactly what you want.  I’ll feel even more thankful and excited when it’s all done but even now with this daunting process directly ahead of us I can definitely appreciate it. Honestly I still feel like I’m dreaming about the whole thing. 

I’ve created a Pinterest board to detail the renovation process.  So far I’ve just posted pictures of a few things we’ve picked out but soon I will put up more and also “before” pics.  Hopefully some of this will be helpful to someone.  We are doing everything on the cheap, so aside from the one big splurge (quartz countertops) our options are all affordable.

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