Liz Magnes- Google Review

“Victoria and Realty Collective LLC is synonymous with wonderful, careful, creative, caring, smart, and AMAZING, all at once….(and I seldom use the word “ amazing”). We have been clients since the very beginning of her enterprise after having bought our house from the former Company Manzione., Through Victoria, we have rented out our commercial space. Because we live above the space, we were thrilled at how Victoria matches people, so that landlord and renter become friends. All are treated fairly, with respect, and Victoria has an uncanny knack for knowing who is the right fit for whom, and to us, this was a quality which is very important.! Her staff is as genuine and professional as she is… I have successfully matched her up with others, also to their great satisfaction. When we have any Realestate problems or questions, Victoria is there for us, and we count ourselves very very lucky to be her clients and friends. Our best friend has also been in touch with her for advice about Realestate… Victoria made time to talk to her, and give her stellar advice. How lovely to be able to toot her horn here on this site.”

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