7 Surprising Reasons Winter Is a Good Time To Sell Your Home

We’ve shared some tips about selling in winter with you before and we still think there are some surprising advantages people often overlook! But, this winter is unlike any other—and the Brooklyn market is unlike any other market. What we’re saying is that there are a lot of variables that your seller’s agent can talk you through (We should mention here that you can give us a call anytime, even if you have no intention of selling for five years, we’re happy to talk). So with those caveats in mind, let’s dive in.

  • Less inventory on the market means more attention for you

When COVID first hit last spring, we saw a flurry of real estate activity in the NYC suburbs (including New Jersey) and towns off the Metro-North. We also saw an exodus to far-flung rural areas, previously getaways and now primary homes. So, what does this mean for you if you’re a Brooklyn seller? Well, Brooklyn has been and still is, a very hot market for buyers from Manhattan—people who don’t want to give up city life. Also, all those folks who fled to Tuxedo, Poughkeepsie, and beyond are starting to come back. This could mean opportunity for you, particularly if you offer some amenities to rival the ‘burbs, like washer/dryer, outdoor space, or parking. We’re still seeing things sell over list price and we think it’s worth it for you to at least get a home valuation so you know your options. (Ahem, we can do that for you for free)

  • What even are offices for anymore? 

Kidding. Lots of people have to go in to work and don’t have an option. But lots of people don’t, at least not every day. That’s part of the explanation for the Manhattan exodus to Brooklyn; a 45-minute train ride once a week in the vague future doesn’t seem so bad. Add to this, that many companies tend to relocate workers in Q1. Those people need a place to live and often have some moving costs comped—more to spend on their place.

  • You’ll have your agent’s full attention

OK, this is never a problem with us but it’s something to consider no matter who you’re working with. Agents’ lives are often feast or famine and for as slammed as they get in spring and summer, winter might still be crickets. Use that to your advantage. 

  • Curb appeal is graded on a curve   

While most New Yorkers don’t have yards, plenty have outdoor spaces and most winter buyers aren’t expecting much in the winter months. Give ‘em a clean space to imagine their dream set-up. And few places in the city are more inviting than a pre-war building with a cozy entry. Unless it’s a shiny new condo building with a gym that means people won’t have to go outdoors if they don’t want to. Think about what makes your home a haven in the winter months and play that up.

  • A bittersweet blessing

OK, even we admit this one is a mixed bag but in spring and summer, potential buyers will go see just about anything and everything, meaning your place has to stay neat as a pin 24/7. In winter, especially this winter, showings are typically fewer and scheduled further out, giving you ample time to hide the dirty dishes and wipe down the bathroom mirror.

  • We’ll let you in on a real estate secret

For whatever reason, once a potential buyer decides to move on a property in winter, things just seem to go faster than summer months. Maybe everybody wants in out of the cold, or just wants to get it over with. Whatever the reason, we’re grateful and think you will be too.

Nab a higher price

We saved the best for last but there are a few reasons, winter homes may sell higher: your agent has the time to fight and be adamant about price (she does not want this to still be on the market come spring); buyers are motivated to get this done (nobody really wants to move in winter, it happens to them); motivated buyers pay more; and finally, people want to lock in these historic low-interest rates right now before they go up even a fraction of a percent.        

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