Halloween Decor Too Disturbing?

We ran across a brownstone in Boerum Hill that went all out on their Halloween display in a very gross exhibit.  It situates baby dolls in many grotesque arrangements, including being chained up, operated on, in jars of fluid, and hanging from trees.  This decor has caused quite a stir in the community, bustling with […]

Sandiversary Party in Red Hook Tonight.

  Today marks the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.  And though this traumatic event affected so many of us and destroyed so much it also brought the community together in an extraordinary way.  Tonight we will remember the struggles as well as celebrate the bonds that were formed with all our friends and neighbors. Along with […]

Sandy Anniversary Vigil in Red Hook Tomorrow.

  There are a couple of events for the Sandy Anniversary tomorrow.  One, Light up the Shore, is going on all over the affected shoreline at 7:45pm in the New York and New Jersey communities.  In the Red Hook area that will take place at the IKEA waterfront.  Another event is a candlelight vigil (or […]

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