Maryam Daghmoumi Maryam Daghmoumi
Maryam Daghmoumi Licensed Real Estate Salesperson
c: 646-403-6595 f: 347-412-9878
You may have noticed Maryam, a native Red Hook resident, jetting by on her white Dutch-style bicycle, up-and-down Van Brunt St, headed from appointments in Red Hook to meetings in nearby Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill or Gowanus.
Maryam’s family settled in Red Hook in the late 1980’s, when her mother fell in love with the cobblestone streets, waterfront breeze and vibrant community.  Maryam matured with these same sentiments and adoration for this truly unique neighborhood, and after traveling the world and graduating from CUNY, with a Bachelors of Science in Business, where she specialized in Marketing and Entrepreneurship, she decided to return home be a part of the incredible development taking place at home…just a week before Hurricane Sandy. After readjusting to a post-Sandy Red Hook, Maryam found that Real Estate would be the perfect way to combine her love for the neighborhood and her desire to get re-involved with her community.
Maryam chooses to work Red Hook and its neighboring areas as a hybrid agent, transitioning seamlessly between residential and commercial deals, as well as between rental and sales deals.  The one underlying factor that does not change throughout, is the fact that Maryam treats all of her clients like friends and neighbors — with the highest regard, respect and honesty.
Done Deals: Fast Acting Agents.
Shyda and Maryam guided me every step of the way during the sale of my 2BR apartment in Kensington. Their insight into the NYC real estate market were invaluable.  From the first consultation to the apartment closing, [they] were knowledgeable, professional…and sold my apartment for a significant bump above the listing price.
Jen Pinkowski

I had an unbelievably easy-breezy experience working with Maryam at Realty Collective. [She] guided me through the process of putting down a deposit, getting a credit check, signing the lease, and getting my keys as quickly/efficiently as possible. The entire “ordeal” took about 4 days!

Amanda C
111 Wolcott Street Rental Property
268 Union Street Multi-Family
101 Summit Street Rental Property
403 Henry Street Rental Property
288 Smith Street Rental Property
125 Coffey Street Rental Property
295 Columbia Street Rental Property
30 Woodhull Street Rental Property
428 Hicks Street Rental Property
184 Joralemon Street Rental Property
125 Coffey Street Rental Property
179 Columbia Street Rental Property
293 Court Street Multi-Family
13 Wolcott Street Multi-Family
415 Van Brunt Street Rental Property
417 Van Brunt Street Rental Property
363 Sackett Street Rental Property
417 Van Brunt Street Rental Property
68 Carroll Street Rental Property
37 Woodhull Street Rental Property
90 Kane Street Rental Property
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