Keri Glasheen Keri Glasheen
Keri Glasheen Licensed Real Estate Salesperson Put A Lil Brooklyn In Your Heart
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Keri Glasheen is a Brooklyn native and current Gravesend resident. She has witnessed first hand how the real estate industry has developed Brooklyn into a much more diverse, well rounded, and popular place to be. With much adoration of the revitalizing of Brooklyn, Keri can still appreciate what makes her neighborhood special by keeping it’s amazing aura, the mystique and preserving it’s architecture.  From her first job as a real estate office manger she developed a passion for the ever so changing industry. Enthralled in a market where your day to day changes from dealing with investments (everything from buying land with natural blue stone to investment properties), mortgage companies, landlords, Keri thrives. Her passion is to help people from all walks of life whether it is a small businessperson, a local homeowner or a big shot. Keri is dedicated to not only keeping Brooklyn beautiful on the outside, but to have the inside of all living spaces be just as opulent.

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